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If you're looking for a trustworthy partner to handle your examination services, SLIDA is the way to go! SLIDA's examination system is carefully designed to assess and endorse people's skills in public management and governance. What makes SLIDA stand out? Our examination process is thorough, fair, and sets benchmarks for crucial skills needed in public service. We're dedicated to maintaining high standards of knowledge and competency within Sri Lanka's public sector. To prevent delays in public sector exams, which can affect officers' career progress, SLIDA is on the job. Since taking on this responsibility, we've consistently conducted exams on time, maintaining the highest standards and delivering results promptly. Engage in our exams to chart your advancements and spotlight your expertise in the field.

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Embark on your organization's journey towards excellence in public management with SLIDA's exceptional examination services! Experience a seamlessly designed process that ensures transparency and convenience from the very beginning to the triumphant end. SLIDA is your steadfast companion, providing unwavering support at every step, from effortless registration to the triumphant moment of receiving your results. For any additional information please contact Assistant Director of Examinations, at 0115-980264/236.


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Stay informed with the latest schedule for SLIDA's range of examinations. Ensure you are well-prepared and know exactly when and where your tests will take place. Below you will find the dates, times, specific examinations, and the assigned centres. Good luck with your studies and we look forward to your success.

2024-04-06Ministry of IndustriesThird Efficiency Bar Examination for Industry InspectorSLIDA
2024-04-25Ministry of DefenceThird Efficiency Bar Examination for Assistant Explosives Control Officers Grade I of Executive Officer CategorySLIDA
2024-04-27Sri Lanka Railway DepartmentLimited Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the post of District Inspector (Transportation & Communication) in Management Assistant Supra Grade Service CategorySLIDA
2024-04-30Public Service Commission1st Efficiency Bar Examination for Management Assistant Non-Tech category 2 (Receptionist)SLIDA

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Here, you can securely view and download your SLIDA program examination results. Our system ensures that you get timely and confidential access to your performance metrics. It's designed to give you insights into your progress in public management education. Just click through, and you'll have all the information you need to track your success.


EB Examinations - Sri Lanka Administrative Service - 2023

2023 S01 NEW

2023 S01 OLD


EB Examinations - Sri Lanka Accountancy Service - 2023

2022 S02 NEW

2022 S02 OLD

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Enhance your study strategy with access to SLIDA’s comprehensive repository of past examination papers. These archives offer invaluable insights into the format, style, and substance of our assessments, allowing you to prepare with confidence. Delve into our historical examinations to understand the caliber of inquiry and scholarship expected by SLIDA, and equip yourself for success in your upcoming tests.


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