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Class Room Facilities

Our classrooms are dedicated spaces designed to cultivate an optimal learning environment for anyone seeking a space for educational activities.

SLIDA Make as Your Learning Partner!

Welcome to our versatile and well-equipped classroom space, ideal for a variety of educational and professional needs. Located in SLIDA, our facility offers a conducive environment for learning, training sessions, workshops, meetings, and more.

Hall NameMaximum CapacityPrice
Sansravani Hall - Smart Class Room (8 Hours)40 ParticipantsRs. 46,000.00
1-1 Hall - Smart Class Room (8 Hours)45 ParticipantsRs. 46,000.00
2-1 Hall - Smart Class Room (8 Hours)36 ParticipantsRs. 46,000.00
Extra Hour Charge - Sansravani/1-1/2-1 Halls-Rs. 5,750.00
Sanbhavi Hall60 ParticipantsRs. 23,000.00
Sandharani Hall16 ParticipantsRs. 17,250.00
Sanwadhani Hall30 ParticipantsRs. 34,500.00
3-3 Lecture Hall30 ParticipantsRs. 17,250.00
Normal Lecture Halls30/40 ParticipantsRs. 11,500.00
Multimedia Charge (Extra Charge)-Rs. 5,000.00
Oil Lamp (Extra Charge)-Rs. 300.00
Wireless Mike/Clip Mike (Extra Charge)-Rs. 1,500.00
Extra OT Payment (After 4.30 p.m. and On Holidays)-Rs. 1,800.00
Rental Charges for SLIDA Class Room

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